Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 things on my mind

  1. December is such a crazy-busy time of year that I sometimes forget to do important things, like pander my feet. That's my plan for today!
  2. The back fence to our property faces our back neighbour, who recently built a new pair of houses to mirror the pair of houses that ours is part of. The fence is half down and lying in their yard. We are a naked house. And that means my pregnant belly is in full view of their house and I. do. not. CARE. Fix the damn fence or negotiate with the owner of ours to replace it with something of decent height.
  3. When did I get all grown up? Just this last weekend I took my pregnant belly out and went house hunting with Kate and it was weird to be doing all this Adult stuff.
  4. But it has got me thinking about buying a house with the settlement that I'll get from the accident on 2007. A little house all of our own? That'd be amazing. I've never really thought about owning a house but now it's on my mind.
  5. I have one more woman due to birth this year and then I'm done for 2009. Which is sad. I have none lined up for 2010 which is scary.
  6. Less than 100 days to go til I'm a mother and really that means nothing to me because what the heck is 100 days? 3 months, 12 weeks, etc etc, are much easier to comprehend.
  7. I have painted toe nails and am happy. Despite being 6 months pregnant, it's not that hard to sit on the ground and paint them, or shave my legs. Which I do approximately quarterly ;).
  8. I am starting to feel "nesty" and that's amusing! I have gardened this week, and cleaned up Puggle's room, and started some Christmas stuff as well.
  9. What I haven't done recently is knit. Which is surprising given that I was not that long ago OBSESSED with it. I think I need to start knitting some baby things.
  10. I have conquered my ipod - I've managed to rename it, convince its calendars to synch with Google calendar *and* Facebook, get my old music off my old ipod and give it on to TheHusband, and upload music to it with gay abandon!


aunty-del said...

5. You don't count as a birth attended?! What better way can there be to obtain an understanding of the birth process and the pain and discomfort and whatever else than by actually doing it?!

aunty-del said...

3. When you moved out of your parent/s's home; if not then, then definitely when you got married and/or got pregnant. I don't quite get how you can not feel like an adult when doing stuff like paying rent and bills and earning an income. But if you mean that pregnant and house-hunting is a reminder of the stereotype of "grown up" that you grew up with, I agree - partnered-no-kids and renting a unit doesn't fit what was fed to me as a kid, either.

Emma Someone said...

I do count myself as a birth attended - I seriously can't convey how much I've learnt from the past 6 months or so about the challenges of being pregnant :). But technically it doesn't count as it's homebirth, and they do not count towards my degree. Stupid situation!!

And hmmmm I never did challenge the whole "what *would* make me feel grown up" indoctrination. I might have to blog about that!