Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 things I have to have in my pantry

  1. Tinned tuna - must have for making a quick pasta or rice dish, a salad, or lunch.
  2. Frozen vegetables - peas, corn and beans, as well as celery bits.
  3. Herbs and spice in small jars so that turnover is rapid.
  4. Plain flour and SR flour. Small purchases made (2 bags of 1kg eah) at a time to stay fresh.
  5. Eggs (always a half dozen at least), milk (UHT), cream (UHT) and butter.
  6. Butter - did I mention that? A couple of 250g blocks as well as a few wrappers from old blocks so I can grease pans.
  7. Vanilla extract.
  8. A surprisingl number of different types of sugar - brown, white, raw, caster, vanilla.
  9. Pasta and rice and cous cous and polenta.
  10. Cheese - grated in the freezer, block in the fridge. Cheddar, mozzerella, parmasen.


Anonymous said...

I has all of them too, except for the UHT stuff. Although I would add tinned tomatoes, and onions. I don't know how to cook without onions. Well, unless it's dessert of course.

Anonymous said...
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Emma Someone said...

The UHT stuff is for "emergencies" only, although the Devondale UHT cream is really useful! I often don't need a huge amount of cream and it's perfect for whipping.

And yes! Onions and garlic and potatoes are always in my pantry, and tinned tomatoes too!