Saturday, December 26, 2009

What do you use vanilla sugar for?

One of the comments left on my blog recently said:
What do you serve vanilla sugar with/use it in? I've never actually heard of it! Sounds yum though!
And I thought - what do I actually use it for? Here are 10 totally random things I use it for:
  1. Sprinkle on top of baked goods instead of plain sugar
  2. Add to a cup of tea when you need some sweetness and comfort
  3. 30g (1T) in any baked good instead of vanilla extract
  4. Add to cocoa powder when making hot cocoa
  5. Add to a coffee or fruit cake to change the flavour
  6. 1tsp in a tomato dish helps to enhance the flavours
  7. Make a vanilla sauce for your next pudding
  8. Add it to stewing fruit instead of plain sugar
  9. Make icing or custard with it
  10. Smell when you need an uplift

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zang2424 said...

Well there you go! Now I know! Thanks!