Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flowers and tools

Why is it that every new hobby I want to start, or interest I have, requires me to buy new tools? Yeesh. I've started some gardening and now I consider it probably necessary to replace the watering can that is cracked at the bottom, and with cake making I feel that I would like things to make decorations with. And to learn to make pretty flowers like frangipanis.

It comes back to priviledge in my mind, something which Kate at Craftastrophies has had me thinking about more recently. So many things with crafting come with priviledge, a surprisingly difficult word to spell. Here are a few:
  • Access to skills through books, internet, shops and so forth - I don't have to find an artisan to teach me, or work it out for myself.
  • I can read. I have experience with the technology associated with accessing information. That makes it very easy to just decide, on a whim, to learn how to do something.
  • I have time to do these things - it is not taken up acquiring energy, water, healthcare, education etc.
  • I also have money to do what is basically entertainment - it's certainly not a crucial life skill.
  • It is socially acceptable for me to do what I want with my time, money and self, and it is not dictacted by my gender, class, caste or religion.

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