Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How do I study? Um...

  1. Have a massage.
  2. Make an acknowledgement/realisation that my exams are in just over 2 weeks.
  3. Also acknowledge that I have done little study in the past few months (Life got in the way. More so than usual in the past 6 months. No excuses - just a statement).
  4. Look at my marks so as to work out what I need to get in the exam to pass.
  5. Realise that this is either 50% of the exam, or near enough.
  6. Realise that I've done this process for the past few semesters and exam periods and still pull a really good GPA so I shouldn't really approach this from this angle... but I think I've been doing this since 1997.
  7. Look at the practice exams and questions for my subjects.
  8. Realise that the subjects I'm sitting exams for are not ones I can fake the answers to.
  9. Make dinner.
  10. Rearrange freezer.
  11. Make bolognese sauce out of the kangaroo mince I bought today.
  12. Rearrange study somewhat.
  13. Discover moths in the dry store for the choir. Quietly freak out and decide to ignore it.
  14. Make a coffee, move to the study and get down to business.
Proud of me?

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