Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day of Cream...?

I need a day at the Cream Day Spa. I'd love to be scrubbed from head to toe. In Sydney there is the Ginseng Bath House and it is amazing. Well, it was amazing. It was closed for refurbishment last time I was in Sydney, and has only just reopened, but there is nothing equivalent to it in Adelaide. I am unsure of how it is now as I've not been back since it was reopened, and who knows how things could change, but the idea of going naked, of being soaked and pampered, of being scrubbed to within an inch of my inner organs, and enjoying it - and then having cheese and tomato sandwiches and tea in the waiting area before going back for more soaking - just sounds like heaven at the moment.

And/or a massage. I could deal with an aromatherapy massage as well. I am in need of pampering and stress relief. I have a lot on my mind and it's distressing of my psyche, which is not healthy. I have school (exams soon, and having to withdraw from a course because of my surgery on 10/12), births that I'm missing, women who I'm having to let down, bills that are due, no income, and lots of angst about my injuries.

So Christmas fairy - that's what I feel like. If any gifts are in the offering at the moment, which I'm not sure that they are (due to family angst as well *sigh*) then can it be something that I want? kthnxby

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