Sunday, November 30, 2008

And... done

Things that I'm done with:

  • cleaning my own house for a while - I have a cleaner coming on Monday. I'm sad that I am doing this but the reality is that in just a few days, I'll have the use of just one arm and be recovering from surgery. Manfriend works fulltime and is completing a thesis and has a right to a life that doesn't involve working 5-6 days a week and spending the other 2 days slaving at home. I am a student and that is part of my "job" in our relationship - part of the year I study, part of the year I'm on placement, and part of the year I'm just working a few days a week and keeping house the rest. It is my fulltime job to balance these things, and I don't do all the housework by any stretch of the imagination, but with one dud shoulder for the past 3 months (well, 18 months but only diagnosed for the past 3), the housework just hasn't gotten done much. Hence I am getting a cleaner. In theory, Allianz will pay for it for a few weeks post-surgery as it a direct consequence of the accident that I am getting someone in to do this... but I'll see.
  • studying. I've finished for the year! Two exams done! I get to shred things and file things away! Woohoo!!!! I am now halfway through my degree. Next year I'll do one 3rd year subject in 1st semester, and a 1st year and a 2nd year subject in 2nd semester, and then two 3rd year subjects in 2010. Got that? I'm confused just writing it. It means I won't do any practicum/placement until late next year but I can deal with that.
  • blogging every day. Because NaBloPoMo is over. And I did it! Or so I say. I happen to like blogging and I have a lot more to say here. And I have a lot of time over the next 9 months to write stuff out. Not that many people are listening ;). I'm not going to do it through December as I have surgery in a few days, and I don't think I'll be up for it!

"Recognizing the central importance of listening and showing sincere compassion is the midwife's job. It can be challenging to be truly present all the time, but it is a quest we must all challenge ourselves to meet if we are drawn."

Illysa Foster, CPM

A study to determine whether breech presentation at term is more common among women with at least one prior cesarean delivery showed a rate two times that for women who had had vaginal births. The study records of 84,688 women showed the relative risk of a breech presentation at term for women with a history of cesarean was 2.18, with no difference related to the number of cesareans. While a total of 2.46% of all women in the study had breech babies at term, 14.91% of those who had had a cesarean had a breech. The researchers took into account other factors, including gestational age, maternal age, parity, birth weight and oligohydramnios.

Am J Obstet Gynecol, 13 Feb 2008 (10.1016/j.ajog.2007.11.009)

Have I told you lately how much I miss midwifery? I don't miss a lot of the minutea and crap that comes with it, but I do miss the women, and the births, and the antenatals care, and the breastfeeding help and the growing bellies. I need to make a board to remind me of this through the next looonnnggg period. You know - I could have a baby between now and when I go back to uni and births. That's a little sad and confronting. And so not on the cards.

from: Cambridge Midwives

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angie201 said...

Hi Em, I hope your surgery went all ok. Take care! and Merry Christmas!