Saturday, November 22, 2008

10 things gone!

I challenge ye to get rid of:
  1. ten pieces of clothing
  2. ten books
  3. ten craft supplies
  4. ten useless pieces of paper
  5. ten pieces of kitchen crap
  6. ten cosmetic/grooming supplies and
  7. ten things from your "study / basement / laundry / shed" or wherever things go to never be seen again
  8. ten pairs of shoes or socks
  9. ten toys
  10. ten things out of your bathroom
I'll give you a month. I'll keep track on here as well. Take photos! Blog about it! Share it around!


imogenesis said...

Shamelessly stolen

I trust you don't mind :)

btw, long time no see; we need to catch up!

Brie said...

I think I'll take you up on that challenge (except number 8 - I only own 5 pair of shoes (tennies, dress, dog show, dog washing (crocs), and slippers) and 7 pair of socks (compression stockings = expensive) - nothing to discard there!)