Friday, November 14, 2008

Ikea lust, list, loves and hackings

The Fira from Ikea is calling my name.
Thanks to my crafty brain, I look at it and think "change! colour! decorate!" and thanks to the fabulous sites of Ikea Hacker, Decor8 and Chez Larsson, I am inspired to learn how to decoupage and then pimp a few of these.

I also am thinking that this would work well in the Study of Doom
as it's quite a mess at the moment, partly because I have Too Much Stuff (TM) and because I have Too Little Storage (TM).


pollyhyper said...

I just commented on the feed over to LJ, and I'm never sure if you get those for this blog.

PLEASE tell me all about the piece(s) in the 2nd pic - must have for my living room!

Emma Someone said...

Hi! I am yet to work out how to get comments on my livejournal feed, so I'm commenting here.

It's called a LIATORP bookcase with door/drawers. Cornice and plinth rail help create a uniform expression when two or more units are connected together. Adjustable feet; stands steady also on an uneven floor. Bumper included for silent and gentle closing. design: Carina Bengs

pollyhyper said...

THANK YOU! Off now to see if it's on the US site...