Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Working with colour

In my job at the House of Bun, I tinted paint and gave assvice to people about what colours to paint their walls. I love doing this and trying to get people to paint something other than Antique White U.S.A. or Hogsbristle 1/4 strength (which are 2 of the thousand or so shades of white that are available).

When it comes to colour, I'm not actually gifted with something special but as a woman, I am better equipped to discern colours and care about them (there is research on this that I can't find right this second though!) and I like playing with them. I'm also S-M-R-T when it comes to talking people into what they want to hear.

I also love's Color Smart (their spelling not mine!) where you can go and find a colour or two or three that you have, and then play around with what proportions to work with, or else to look at what other colour(s) you should/could put together with them.

This works for:
  • outfits
  • painting rooms
  • designing knitwear
  • painting canvases
  • putting yarn together
  • using up craft supplies that are coloured but you need one more colour
  • cake decorating
It shouldn't be used for:
  • eyeshadow choice
  • cake decorating if you haven't looked at Cake Wrecks recently
  • painting someone else's house
  • overcoming colourblindness, as my dad tells me, as it just tells you if you can put colours together - not so much if you should do it!
So next time you have 3 balls or yarn, or some canvases to paint, or some time on your hands to "paint" the bathroom of your dreams, then try that website! You have to register but not pay for it and it's a lot of fun.

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