Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cube stools

So I am in need of some foot poofs and I was thinking of buying them because Ikea has such a firm hold over my thought processes when I think "house".

- As an aside, is anyone else curious as to how much Ikea is influencing Australia's way of seeing and celebrating Christmas? I love the orange and red decorations that are there but am still not moved to celebrate Christmas...

Anyway, in Ikea there are foot poofs that I like but are actually too large for the spot that I have on my loungeroom floor. So I was thinking like this:

as seen at Chez Larsson. I could get the timber cut at the House of Bun, I have a glue gun and a staple gun (and am not afraid to use them!) and I have a week or two to spare post exams so maybe I will...

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