Saturday, November 15, 2008


I would like a chest freezer. Since the advent of the piano and wardrobe and extra couch, we don't really have room, but I still want one because it makes so much sense to make:
  • stock
  • soup
  • pies
  • vegetables
  • curries
  • pasta sauce
  • lasagne
  • big purchases of meat
  • chilli
  • pies
  • chicken nuggets
  • fish sticks
  • potato bakes
  • pasta bakes
But really, we don't have the room. So I'm forced to limit (! unbelievable!) the amount of cooking and baking I do, as we have limited freezer space.

*sigh* it's annoying not having a House. I have a lovely semi-detached house (well, half a house I guess) but I'd love a whole house with a garage to put a car and a chest freezer and the bikes in, and a garden to dig in. It'll have to wait until uni is over and I have a job and a life again, right?

Back to exam study it is!

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pollyhyper said...

We have one of those 1/2-chest freezers - it holds SO MUCH. Again, a Walmart purchase. I'm so ashamed.