Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I saw a pdf for a button necklace the other day and was inspired to make things. Sarah from Frankie Fan 13's etsy shop (and sweet lovely friend as well!) made a very sweet necklace that I snaffled up, and one for Kate as well. It was amusing as I'd seen a green one on etsy, and Kate had too, and when she went back with a firm "I wants it and I'm going to haves it" she was devo* to find it not there. And thrilled when I gave it to her.

Anyway, I was talking about buttons. I own buttons. Lots of people have buttons. So I took my buttons and made these:

And then gave it away. Then made a few more. And gave them away too. I also made these:

Aren't they sweet? I love my hot glue gun. They're brooches by the way - itty bitty button brooches. Easy to make and great to look at!

* devo = mock devestation. Because the word "devestation" can be defined in my life at the moment but there are still times when I'm upset.

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