Sunday, November 16, 2008

Laundry list of I wants

A list of things I'd like to have in my life right now. From the ridiculous to the sublime...
  • tai chi classes
  • a Kitchen Aid
  • bookshelves assembled and help with moving books around
  • a power drill (14V cordless Makita Li ion)
  • Year in a Bottle (recipe book)
  • Leticia shoes in Jade
  • Wii fit
  • garden makeover
  • a hefty person for the day to help me do a few things around the house
  • hand knitted socks
  • A session at Cream - anything involving a body polish to be specific
  • A trip to Sydney where the Squeaks x3 are free for the weekend and we can drink a lot and bond and shop on King Street and eat yum cha
  • A house cleaner
  • A weekend away with Manfriend, with a spa
  • My car washed
  • a visit with my grandparents
Yes today I'm struggling with what to write. It's halfway through the month and I'm running out of things to talk about. The things I want to talk about, I'm not going to on ye olde public blog. The things I've wanted to talk about on here, I have so far.

Oh, wait! I have an issue! Well a couple actually - mostly a flat battery in my camera which means I can't get photos I took today off it to show you. Which means I'll have to describe it instead. In my post about my kitchen, I didn't show you the top of the cupboard, above the shelving, because it's currently a mess and a half. I need to do some work on it - I think it'd fit maybe 16 milk crates but of course this illegal (their collection, not their use in my house) so I can't do that. So I'm after some names for similar items with which to fill the space and use it up, allowing me to organise a mishmash of glassware, small whitegoods, emergency foods and so forth that is on top of the "pantry" at the moment.

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pollyhyper said...

You can buy "milk crates" at big stores and container stores. I don't know what you have there, but the Walmart variety.